Porcelain Crowns may be made to match the exact colour, texture and translucency of your natural teeth. They look and feel so natural, it's almost impossible to tell the difference.

In its most basic sense, a Crown is a restoration that is placed over the affected tooth to amend its shape, size or strength. Dental crowns completely cover the tooth and may be used for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Teeth can be damaged by all sorts of things—age, poor oral hygiene, grinding (also called bruxism) or an emergency where part or all of the tooth is broken off. When a tooth needs to be restored we use a Crown.

Patients may require a Crown for a number of different reasons. Beneficial to cracked, broken, decayed or diseased teeth; Porcelain Crowns are a safe and effective dental restoration. Porcelain Crowns may also be implemented to repair the following oral conditions;

  • Excessive grinding of teeth or an improper bite
  • An irritable large filling
  • Inadequate oral hygiene
  • Ageing teeth
  • After a Root Canal Treatment

Porcelain Crowns

Traditionally, dentists have used metal-based crowns. But at Progressive Dental we prefer to use porcelain crowns. The latest technological developments in cosmetic dentistry mean porcelain crowns are as safe and strong as metal ones, but look much better.

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