Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells in the mouth. It can be found in areas including the lips, tongue, gums, floor of the mouth, inside the cheeks and lips, roof of the mouth and even behind the wisdom teeth. There are different types of oral cancer of which symptoms include ulcerations, constant pain or soreness, patches in the mouth, bad breath, unexplained bleeding in the mouth and even loose teet

Oral cancer has officially become an epidemic with an increase in the last 7 years. Mostly caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, it has been found to be more prevalent in men. In the United States, 69% of oral cancers have be detected at it late stages and have cause 8000 deaths. Some of the lifestyle factors that contribute or have been link to oral cancers are smoking and alcohol consumption. Other factors include weakened immune system, already having cancer in the head and neck area, and exposure of the sun or UV lights.1 

As part of our routine examination and a simple extra 2-minute step, we are able to help detect these oral cancers. We shine a special blue light from our OralID device, which can help us identify any oral cancer, pre-cancer and other abnormal lesions in the mouth. 

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