Crowded teeth are only a symptom of under-developed jaw growth. 

The driver of good jaw growth is nasal breathing, lip seal and tongue resting in the roof of the mouth when the person is not eating or speaking (known as oral posture). Also, the average person swallows 2,000 times per day and the muscles involved in that can lead to an unbalanced profile. 

The upper jaw, being right below the nose, and its shape can affect whether the person breathes well. Breathing well is vital for the health. It is both intake of adequate air and the body’s ability to utilise it that determines good health. 

So in children, our focus is to establish good jaw growth and good function/oral posture (i.e. nasal breathing, lip seal and correct tongue position). This is done with appliances that are very comfortable, making the process easy and atraumatic. With good jaw growth, any orthodontic treatment (i.e. straightening teeth) will be much quicker. With good jaw growth, the chances of the teeth being straight is greatly enhanced, negating the need for braces. Also because the upper jaw is connected to the rest of the cranium, we have an Osteopath in-house to ensure optimal cranial alignment and a nervous system that functions better.

Dr. Phillip Stein has worked in orthodontist’s office for 4 years and attended long programs run by Dr. Derek Mahony, Dr. William Hang in Los Angeles, Dr. Gerry Smilth in Toronto and Dr. Steve Galella from Memphis who visits Australia to teach. He also obtained certification in Homeoblock from the founder himself, Dr. Belfor. 

Through the process of jaw development, we have witnessed amazing responses. Parents have reported their child has not had asthma again. We have also heard of allergies reducing and snoring ceasing. 

For those interested, I refer to the book Your Jaw is Your Life by David Page, to show the incredible effects that jaw growth and development can have on overall health. 

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