TMJ Treatment

The treatment of TMJ has been a passion of Dr. Phillip Stein for a number of years. “I see it as a lifelong pursuit,” he says, “and I read voraciously about things that seemingly have got nothing to do with dentistry, but the more I look into them, the more I think they really do. The thrill of this is working with lots of different types of practitioners, so rather than just being the isolated guy that ‘drills and fills’, I’ve got to know well a lot of practitioners of different types—we use everybody’s best expertise to get the best health outcomes for people.”

How do we diagnose and treat TMJ problems?

We’ll perform several examinations, including a postural examination, a cranial examination, a dental examination and a neurological examination. We use a method called Autonomic Reflex testing, a non-invasive way of stimulating nerves which track to a part of the body to enable us to tap into the secrets of the Nervous System. We’ll be looking at is the range of motion of the jaw, speed of opening and closing, joint sounds, internal TMJ, inflammation and pain. 

We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment for the diagnosis an treatment of TMJ disorders. Another diagnostic tool we have available is the T-scan, a computerised method of checking which teeth are under excess force.

The process is essentially the triage process. If testing reveals the source of the pain is the jaw, we can probably help. If source is revealed to be somewhere else, we refer to the appropriate practitioner.

You don’t have to live with the pain and debilitation of TMJ. We use orthotic therapy and a range of adjunctive therapies to help alleviate the pain and correct the bite.

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